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      December 2, 2020

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      Puzzling 'Cold Quasar' Forming New Stars in Spite of Active Galactic Nucleus

      Using NASA's SOFIA telescope, researchers have found CQ 4479, a galaxy which never had been closely studied before, to be generating new stars in ...
      The missing dark matter in certain galaxies can be explained by the effects of tidal disruption: the gravity forces of a neighboring massive galaxy, literally tearing the ...

      Earth Faster, Closer to Black Hole, in New Map of Galaxy

      Earth 'just got' 7 km/s faster and about 2000 light-years closer to the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. But don't worry, this doesn't mean that our planet is critical. ...

      Galaxy Encounter Violently Disturbed Milky Way

      The long-held belief that the Milky Way, the galaxy containing Earth and the solar system, is relatively static has been ruptured by fresh cosmic insight. The spiral-shaped disc of stars and planets ...
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      The Milky Way Galaxy Has a Clumpy Halo

      Astronomers at the University of Iowa have determined our galaxy is surrounded by a clumpy halo of hot gases that is continually being supplied with material ejected by birthing or dying stars. The ...

      Anemic Star Cluster Breaks Metal-Poor Record

      In a surprising discovery, astronomers have found a star cluster in the Andromeda Galaxy that contains a record-breaking low amount of metals, calling into question the so-called ...

      NASA's James Webb Telescopes Will Reveal Hidden Galaxies

      Simulations show it's possible to distinguish host galaxy from quasars, although still challenging due to the galaxy's small size on the ...

      Astronomers Solve Dark Matter Puzzle of Strange Galaxy

      Astronomers have found that the total number of globular clusters around Dragonfly 44 and, therefore, the dark matter content, is much less than earlier findings had suggested, which shows that this ...

      Astronomers Turn Up the Heavy Metal to Shed Light on Star Formation

      Astronomers have developed a new way to study star formation in galaxies from the dawn of time to today. Using a new algorithm to model the energy and wavelengths of light coming from almost 7000 ...

      This year's Nobel Prize in Physics is being awarded to Roger Penrose 'for the discovery that black hole formation is a robust prediction of the general theory of relativity' and ...

      Hubble Watches Exploding Star Fade Into Oblivion

      When a star unleashes as much energy in a matter of days as our Sun does in several billion years, you know it's not going to remain visible for long. Like intergalactic paparazzi, NASA's ...

      Scientists Precisely Measure Total Amount of Matter in the Universe

      A top goal in cosmology is to precisely measure the total amount of matter in the universe, a daunting exercise for even the most mathematically proficient. Scientists have now done just ...

      Astronomers Model, Determine How Disk Galaxies Evolve So Smoothly

      By developing better computer simulations, researchers have determined that the scattering of stars from their orbits by the gravity of massive clumps within galaxies leads to a common look in galaxy ...

      New Hubble Data Suggests There Is an Ingredient Missing from Current Dark Matter Theories

      Recent observations have found that something may be missing from the theories of how dark matter behaves. This missing ingredient may explain why researchers have uncovered an unexpected discrepancy ...

      Massive Halo Finally Explains Stream of Gas Swirling Around the Milky Way

      Astronomers have discovered that a halo of warm gas surrounding the Magellanic Clouds likely acts as a protective cocoon, shielding the dwarf galaxies from the Milky Way's own halo and ...

      An Unexpected Origin Story for a Lopsided Black Hole Merger

      A lopsided merger of two black holes may have an oddball origin story, according to a new ...

      Can a Black Hole Fire Up the Cold Heart of the Phoenix Galaxy Cluster?

      Radio astronomers have detected jets of hot gas blasted out by a black hole in the galaxy at the heart of the Phoenix Galaxy Cluster, located 5.9 billion light-years away in the constellation ...

      Hubble Maps Giant Halo Around Andromeda Galaxy

      In a landmark study, scientists using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have mapped the immense halo of gas enveloping the Andromeda galaxy, our nearest large galactic ...

      Rare Encounters Between Cosmic Heavyweights

      Astronomers have discovered three pairs of merging galaxies. Each of the galaxies contain a supermassive black hole that's feasting on material surrounding it, creating a phenomenon called a ...

      Study Rules out Dark Matter Destruction as Origin of Extra Radiation in Galaxy Center

      Through an analysis of the Fermi data and an exhaustive series of modeling exercises, researchers were able to determine that an observed excess of gamma rays could not have been produced by what are ...

      Galactic Bar Paradox Resolved in Cosmic Dance

      New light has been shed on a mysterious and long-standing conundrum at the very heart of our galaxy. The new work offers a potential solution to the so-called 'Galactic bar paradox', ...

      A Galaxy's Stop-and-Start Young Radio Jets

      A new VLBA image shows details of a young jet emitted from the core of an active galaxy, revealing that the jet activity stopped, then restarted only a decade ...

      Unveiling Rogue Planets With NASA's Roman Space Telescope

      New simulations show that NASA's Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will be able to reveal myriad rogue planets -- freely floating bodies that drift through our galaxy untethered to a ...

      Spinning Black Hole Powers Jet by Magnetic Flux

      A new letter has been found in the mysterious alphabet of black ...

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