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      Mars News
      December 2, 2020

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      Experiments Unravelling the Mystery of Mars' Moon Phobos

      There is no weather in space - but there is weathering: Celestial bodies are bombarded by high energy particles. On the Mars moon Phobos, the situation is complicated: It is hit by particles from the ...
      Floods of unimaginable magnitude once washed through Gale Crater on Mars' equator around 4 billion years ago -- a finding that hints at the possibility that life may have ...

      Ancient Zircon Minerals from Mars Reveal the Elusive Internal Structure of the Red Planet

      Analysis of an ancient meteorite from Mars suggests that the mineral zircon may be abundant on the surface of the red planet. By determining the age ...

      Escape from Mars: How Water Fled the Red Planet

      Mars once had oceans but is now bone-dry, leaving many to wonder how the water was lost. Researchers have discovered a surprisingly large amount of water in the upper atmosphere of Mars, where it is ...
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      NASA's Maven Observes Martian Night Sky Pulsing in Ultraviolet Light

      Vast areas of the Martian night sky pulse in ultraviolet light, according to images from NASA's MAVEN spacecraft. The results are being used to illuminate complex circulation patterns in the ...

      Researchers Use InSight for Deep Mars Measurements

      Using data from NASA's InSight Lander on Mars, seismologists have made the first direct measurements of three subsurface boundaries from the crust to the core of the red ...

      Lava Tubes on Mars and the Moon Are So Wide They Can Host Planetary Bases

      Subsurface cavities created by lava on Mars and the Moon could provide a shield against cosmic radiation, new research ...

      Early Mars Was Covered in Ice Sheets, Not Flowing Rivers, Researchers Say

      A large number of the valley networks scarring Mars's surface were carved by water melting beneath glacial ice, not by free-flowing rivers as previously thought, according to new research. The ...

      Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Mission to Red Planet Successfully Launched

      NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission is on its way to the Red Planet to search for signs of ancient life and collect samples to send back to ...

      Astrophysicist Investigates the Possibility of Life Below the Surface of Mars

      Although no life has been detected on the Martian surface, a new study from astrophysicist and research scientist finds that conditions below the surface could potentially support ...

      SwRI Scientists Demonstrate Speed, Precision of in Situ Planetary Dating Device

      Scientists have increased the speed and accuracy of a laboratory-scale instrument for determining the age of planetary specimens onsite. The team is progressively miniaturizing the Chemistry, ...

      Electrically Charged Dust Storms Drive Martian Chlorine Cycle

      The group that previously studied Martian dust storms now shifts focus to the electrochemical processes resulting from dust storms that may power the movement of chlorine, which is ongoing on Mars ...

      Ancient Asteroid Impacts Created the Ingredients of Life on Earth and Mars

      A new study reveals that asteroid impact sites in the ocean may possess a crucial link in explaining the formation of the essential molecules for life. The study discovered the emergence of amino ...

      Origin of Martian Moon Phobos

      New images of the Martian moon Phobos give scientists insight into the physical properties of the moon and its ...

      NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds Clues to Chilly Ancient Mars Buried in Rocks

      By studying the chemical elements on Mars today -- including carbon and oxygen -- scientists can work backwards to piece together the history of a planet that once had the conditions necessary to ...

      Mystery of Lava-Like Flows on Mars Solved

      The mystery of some lava-like flows on Mars has been solved by scientists who say they are caused not by lava but by mud. There are tens of thousands of these landforms on the Martian surface, often ...

      What's Mars Made Of?

      Earth-based experiments on iron-sulfur alloys thought to comprise the core of Mars reveal details about the planet's seismic properties for the first time. This information will be compared to ...

      Scientists Have Modeled Mars Climate to Understand Habitability

      Scientists have modeled the atmosphere of Mars to help determine that salty pockets of water present on the Red Planet are likely not habitable by life as we know it on Earth. The team helped allay ...

      New Timeline for Ancient Magnetic Field on Mars

      Mars had a global magnetic field much earlier -- and much later -- than previously known. Analysis of new satellite data found clear evidence of a magnetic field coming from a lava flow that formed ...

      4-Billion-Year-Old Nitrogen-Containing Organic Molecules Discovered in Martian Meteorites

      Scientists exploring Mars and analysing Martian meteorite samples have found organic compounds essential for life: nitrogen-bearing organics in a 4-billion-year-old Martian meteorite. With a new ...

      Promising Signs for Perseverance Rover in Its Quest for Past Martian Life

      New research indicates river delta deposits within Mars' Jezero crater -- the destination of NASA' Perseverance rover on the Red Planet -- formed over time scales that promoted habitability ...

      Engineers' 'Nanocardboard' Flyers Could Serve as Martian Atmospheric Probes

      Engineers are suggesting a new way to explore the sky: tiny aircraft that weigh about as much as a fruit fly and have no moving parts. These flyers are plates of 'nanocardboard,' which ...

      A Martian Mash Up: Meteorites Tell Story of Mars' Water History

      Researchers probed Martian meteorites to reconstruct Mars' chaotic history. Their findings suggest that Mars might not have had a global magma ...

      Organic Molecules Discovered by Curiosity Rover Consistent With Early Life on Mars

      Organic compounds called thiophenes are found on Earth in coal, crude oil and oddly enough, in white truffles, the mushroom beloved by epicureans and wild pigs. Thiophenes were also recently ...

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