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      Moon News
      December 2, 2020

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      Growing Interest in Moon Resources Could Cause Tension

      An international team of scientists has identified a problem with the growing interest in extractable resources on the moon: there aren't enough of them to go around. With no international policies ...

      New Mineral Discovered in Moon Meteorite

      The high-pressure mineral Donwilhelmsite, recently discovered in the lunar meteorite Oued Awlitis 001 from Apollo missions, is important for understanding the inner structure of ...

      Tiny Moon Shadows May Harbor Hidden Stores of Ice

      Hidden pockets of water could be much more common on the surface of the moon than scientists once suspected, according to new ...
      NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) has confirmed, for the first time, water on the sunlit surface of the Moon. This discovery indicates that ...
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      Has Earth's Oxygen Rusted the Moon for Billions of Years?

      To the surprise of many planetary scientists, the oxidized iron mineral hematite has been discovered at high latitudes on the ...

      Researchers Develop Dustbuster for the Moon

      A new solution to the problem of spring cleaning on the moon: Why not zap away the grime using a beam of ...

      Hubble Uses Earth as Proxy for Identifying Oxygen on Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

      Taking advantage of a total lunar eclipse, Hubble used the Moon as a mirror to study sunlight that had passed through Earth's atmosphere. As a result, Hubble detected Earth's own brand of ...

      Lava Tubes on Mars and the Moon Are So Wide They Can Host Planetary Bases

      Subsurface cavities created by lava on Mars and the Moon could provide a shield against cosmic radiation, new research ...

      Higher Concentration of Metal in Moon's Craters Provides New Insights to Its Origin

      There has been considerable debate over how the Moon was formed. The popular hypothesis contends that the Moon was formed by a Mars-sized body colliding with Earth's upper crust which is poor in ...

      SwRI Scientists Demonstrate Speed, Precision of in Situ Planetary Dating Device

      Scientists have increased the speed and accuracy of a laboratory-scale instrument for determining the age of planetary specimens onsite. The team is progressively miniaturizing the Chemistry, ...

      Scientists Provide New Explanation for the Far Side of the Moon's Strange Asymmetry

      The Earth-Moon system's history remains mysterious. Scientists believe the two formed when a Mars-sized body collided with the proto-Earth. Earth ended up being the larger daughter of this ...

      First Global Map of Rockfalls on the Moon

      A research team counted over 136,000 rockfalls on the moon caused by asteroid impacts. Even billions of years old landscapes are still ...

      New Study Provides Maps, Ice Favorability Index to Companies Looking to Mine the Moon

      A research team has created an Ice Favorability Index. The geological model explains the process for ice formation at the poles of the moon, and mapped the terrain, which includes craters that may ...

      Giant Meteorite Impacts Formed Parts of the Moon's Crust, New Evidence Shows

      New research on a rock collected by the Apollo 17 astronauts has revealed evidence for a mineral phase that can only form above 2300 °C. Such temperatures are uniquely achieved in melt sheets ...

      Possibly Active Tectonic System on the Moon

      Strange spots scattered across the Moon's nearside where bedrock is conspicuously exposed are evidence of seismic activity set in motion 4.3 billion years ago that could be ongoing today, the ...

      Asteroid 1998 OR2 to Safely Fly Past Earth This Week

      The large near-Earth object is well known to astronomers and will get no closer than 3.9 million miles to our ...

      First-Ever Comprehensive Geologic Map of the Moon

      For the first time, the entire lunar surface has been completely mapped and uniformly classified. The lunar map, called the 'Unified Geologic Map of the Moon,' will serve as the definitive ...

      Scientists Find Earth and Moon Not Identical Oxygen Twins

      Scientists have found that the Earth and moon have distinct oxygen compositions and are not identical in oxygen as previously thought according to a new ...

      Journey to the Center of Mars

      Scientists have built a new compositional model for Mars. They used rocks from Mars and measurements from orbiting satellites to predict the depth to its core-mantle boundary, some 1,800 km beneath ...

      One Small Grain of Moon Dust, One Giant Leap for Lunar Studies

      Scientists have found a new way to analyze the chemistry of the moon's soil using a single grain of dust brought back by Apollo 17 astronauts in 1972. Their technique can help us learn more ...

      Martian Landslides Not Conclusive Evidence of Ice

      Giant ridges on the surface of landslides on Mars could have formed without ice, challenging their use by some as unequivocal evidence of past ice on the red planet, finds a new study using ...

      Soil on Moon and Mars Likely to Support Crops

      Researchers have produced crops in Mars and moon soil simulant developed by NASA. The research supports the idea that it would not only be possible to grow food on Mars and the moon to feed future ...

      Ice on Lunar South Pole May Have More Than One Source

      New research sheds light on the ages of ice deposits reported in the area of the Moon's south pole -- information that could help identify the sources of the deposits and help in planning future ...

      Hints of a Volcanically Active Exo-Moon

      A rocky extrasolar moon (exomoon) with bubbling lava may orbit a planet 550 light-years away from us. This is suggested by an international team of researchers on the basis of theoretical predictions ...

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