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      Solar Flare News
      December 3, 2020

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      Voyager Spacecraft Detect New Type of Solar Electron Burst

      The Voyager spacecraft continue to make discoveries even as they travel through interstellar space. In a new study, physicists report on the Voyagers' detection of cosmic ray electrons associated ...

      Experiments Unravelling the Mystery of Mars' Moon Phobos

      There is no weather in space - but there is weathering: Celestial bodies are bombarded by high energy particles. On the Mars moon Phobos, the situation is complicated: It is hit by particles from the ...

      Stellar Flares Can Lead to Diminishment of a Planet's Habitability

      Researchers identified which stars were most likely to host habitable exoplanets based on the calculated erosion rates of the planetary ...

      Ultraviolet Shines Light on Origins of the Solar System

      In the search to discover the origins of our solar system, an international team including planetary scientists has compared the composition of the sun to the composition of the most ancient ...
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      Solar Storm Forecasts for Earth Improved With Help from the Public

      Scientists used observations recorded by members of the public to increase accuracy of computer model predictions of when harmful CMEs will hit ...

      New Method to Determine the Origin of Stardust in Meteorites

      Scientists have made a key discovery thanks to stardust found in meteorites, shedding light on the origin of crucial chemical ...

      Sun’s Bubble of Influence May Be Shaped Like a Deflated Croissant

      Scientists have developed a new prediction of the shape of the bubble surrounding our solar system using a model developed with data from NASA ...

      The Quiet Sun Is Much More Active Than We Thought

      For a long time, researchers have believed that there is not much of interest going on in the Sun during the passive period, therefore not worth studying. Now this assumption is showed to be false. ...

      NASA Data Helps New Model Predict Big Solar Flares

      Scientists have developed a new model that successfully predicted seven of the Sun's biggest flares from the last solar cycle, out of a set of nine. With more development, the model could be ...

      Breakthrough Method for Predicting Solar Storms

      Extensive power outages and satellite blackouts that affect air travel and the internet are some of the potential consequences of massive solar storms. These storms are believed to be caused by the ...

      Alaskan Seismometers Record the Northern Lights

      An aurora sightseeing tour leader in Alaska, was lucky enough to photograph a 'eruption' of brilliant pink light in the night skies one night in ...

      Unprecedented Look Into 'Central Engine' Powering a Solar Flare

      Researchers have presented a new, detailed look inside the 'central engine' of a large solar flare accompanied by a powerful eruption by the Owens Valley Solar Array. The new findings offer ...

      Solar Orbiter's First Images Reveal 'Campfires' on the Sun

      The first images from Solar Orbiter, a new Sun-observing mission by ESA and NASA, have revealed omnipresent miniature solar flares, dubbed 'campfires', near the surface of our closest ...

      Scientists Propose Plan to Determine If Planet Nine Is a Primordial Black Hole

      Scientists have developed a new method to find black holes in the outer solar system, and along with it, determine once-and-for-all the true nature of the hypothesized Planet ...

      Enormous 'Superflare' Detected on Nearby Star

      Astronomers succeeded in detecting 12 stellar flare phenomena on AD Leonis. One of these flares was 20 times larger than those emitted by our own sun, categorizing it a 'superflare'. ...

      Mystery of Solar Cycle Illuminated

      The sun's convection zone plays a key role in the generation and evolution of the Sun's magnetic field. Analyzing data sets spanning more than 20 years, researchers have obtained the most ...

      Researchers Shed New Light on Solar Flares

      Plasma astrophysicists have created the first self-consistent simulation of the physical processes that occur during a solar flare. The researchers used supercomputers and a new combination of ...

      New 'Sun Clock' Quantifies Extreme Space Weather Switch on-Off

      Extreme space weather events can significantly impact systems such as satellites, communications systems, power distribution and aviation. They are driven by solar activity which is known to have an ...

      Speed of Space Storms Key to Protecting Astronauts and Satellites from Radiation

      Measuring the speed of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) as they erupt from the sun, in addition to their size, found to be crucial in providing accurate early warnings that keep astronauts and ...

      Eclipse Data Illuminate Mysteries of Sun's Corona

      Observations from total solar eclipses are used to measure the shape of the Sun's magnetic ...

      New Research Deepens Understanding of Earth's Interaction With the Solar Wind

      Scientists have reproduced a process that occurs in space to deepen understanding of what happens when the Earth encounters the solar ...

      Hot Stars Are Plagued by Giant Magnetic Spots, ESO Data Shows

      Astronomers have discovered giant spots on the surface of extremely hot stars hidden in stellar clusters. Not only are these stars plagued by magnetic spots, some also experience superflare events, ...

      New Sunspots Potentially Herald Increased Solar Activity

      On May 29, 2020, a family of sunspots -- dark spots that freckle the face of the Sun, representing areas of complex magnetic fields -- sported the biggest solar flare since October 2017. Although the ...

      New Comet Discovered by Solar Observatory

      In late May and early June, Earthlings may be able to glimpse Comet SWAN. The comet is currently faintly visible to the unaided eye in the Southern Hemisphere just before sunrise. The new comet was ...

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