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      December 3, 2020

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      Researchers Discover Life in Deep Ocean Sediments at or Above Water's Boiling Point

      Biologists found single-celled organisms living in sediments 1180 meters beneath the ocean at temperatures of 120 degrees ...

      Restoring a Rudimentary Form of Vision in the Blind

      Restoration of vision in blind people through a brain implant is on the verge of becoming reality. Recent discoveries show that newly developed high-resolution implants in the visual cortex make it ...

      Cluster of Alaskan Islands Could Be Single, Interconnected Giant Volcano

      A small group of volcanic islands in Alaska's Aleutian chain might be part of a single, undiscovered giant volcano, say scientists. If the researchers' suspicions are correct, the newfound volcanic ...

      How Does the Spider Spin Its Self-Assembled Silk?

      Researchers report on a new model for spider silk assembly. The key to spider silk 'spinning' is a combination of acidification and a process known as liquid-liquid phase separation, or ...
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      Keyhole Wasps May Threaten Aviation Safety

      A new study finds that invasive keyhole wasps at the Brisbane Airport were responsible for instances of fully blocked replica pitot probes -- vital instruments that measure airspeed. The results ...

      X-Ray Imaging of a Beetle's World in Ancient Earthenware

      Using X-rays, a researcher has imaged 28 impressions of maize weevils on pottery shards from the late Jomon period (around 3,600 years ago) excavated from the Yakushoden site in Miyazaki Prefecture. ...

      Very Hungry and Angry, Caterpillars Head-Butt to Get What They Want

      When food is scarce, monarch butterfly caterpillars go from docile to domineering. The results look something like a combination of boxing and 'bumper' cars. The less food, the more likely ...

      The Secret Social Lives of Giant Poisonous Rats

      The African crested rat is the only mammal known to sequester plant toxins for chemical defense. A new study confirmed that the rabbit-sized rodent licks poison from the bark of Acokanthera ...

      Can Animals Use Iridescent Colors to Communicate?

      A new paper sheds light on the colorful world of animal communication, highlighting the challenges of studying accurately how iridescent colors work in ...

      Prehistoric Shark Hid Its Largest Teeth

      Some, if not all, early sharks that lived 300 to 400 million years ago not only dropped their lower jaws downward but rotated them outwards when opening their mouths. This enabled them to make the ...

      Studies Focus on SARS-CoV-2 Transmission in Domestic Cats, Pigs

      Two recently published studies include important findings related to SARS-CoV-2 transmission and the COVID-19 pandemic: Domestic cats can be asymptomatic carriers of SARS-CoV-2, but pigs are unlikely ...

      Geoscientists Discover Ancestral Puebloans Survived from Ice Melt in New Mexico Lava Tubes

      New study explains how Ancestral Puebloans survived devastating droughts by traveling deep into the caves of New Mexico to melt ancient ice as a water ...

      Large Predatory Fish Thrive on WWII Shipwrecks Off North Carolina Coast

      Results of an expedition to a sunken U-boat and Nicaraguan freighter offer a detailed glimpse into unexpected 'islands of ...

      Extremely Rare Parasitic Crustacean Discovered in Museum Shark Collection

      Scientists have discovered an extremely rare species of cymothoid from the mouth of a museum specimen of a deep-sea shark caught from the East China Sea, suggesting its wide distribution around the ...

      Paleontologists Uncover Three New Species of Extinct Walruses in Orange County, California

      Millions of years ago, in the warm Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California, walrus species without tusks lived abundantly. But in a new study, paleontologists have identified three new ...

      Tiny Cave Snail With Muffin-Top Waistline Rolls out of the Dark in Laos

      Recent cave exploration has turned up a tiny, top-heavy snail that glistens under the light of the microscope lens. Only 1.80 mm tall, this transparent snail bulges at the middle, giving a natural ...

      Aurora-Chasing Citizen Scientists Help Discover a New Feature of STEVE

      A new finding about the formation of streaks within the aurora-like STEVE phenomenon brings scientists one step closer to solving the ...

      What Does the Fox Say to a Puma?

      Researchers have found that in the Chilean Andes, two predator species -- the puma and the culpeo fox -- can successfully share a landscape and hunt for food over the same nighttime hours because ...

      Love Waves from the Ocean Floor

      Supercomputer simulations of planetary-scale interactions show how ocean storms and the structure of Earth's upper layers together generate much of the world's seismic waves. Decoding the ...

      Wrinkle-Faced Male Bats Lower Face Masks to Copulate

      The first behavioral observations of wrinkle-faced bats in their natural habitat reveal that this elusive species uses the rarest form of bat courtship behavior, according to a new ...

      Massive explosions of energy happening thousands of light-years from Earth may have left traces in our planet's biology and geology, according to new ...

      Scientists Have Discovered an Ancient Lake Bed Deep Beneath the Greenland Ice

      Scientists have detected what they say are the sediments of a huge ancient lake bed sealed more than a mile under the ice of northwest ...

      Why Do Bats Fly Into Walls?

      Bats sometimes collide with large walls even though they detect these walls with their sonar system. Researchers from Tel Aviv University have concluded that these collisions do not result from a ...

      Paleontologists have described for the first time an almost complete skeleton of a juvenile Plateosaurus and discovered that it looked very similar to its parents even at a young age. That could have ...

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