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      December 3, 2020

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      New Test Reveals AI Still Lacks Common Sense

      Natural language processing (NLP) has taken great strides recently -- but how much does AI understand of what it reads? Less than we thought, it seems. Despite advances, AI still doesn't have the ...
      Researchers have linked a brain region to what they call neural polarization, offering a glimpse into the partisan brain in the weeks leading up to what is arguably the most ...

      Future Autonomous Machines May Build Trust Through Emotion

      Research has extended the state-of-the-art in autonomy by providing a more complete picture of how actions and nonverbal signals contribute to promoting cooperation. Researchers suggested guidelines ...

      COVID-19 Lockdown Caused 50 Percent Global Reduction in Human-Linked Earth Vibrations

      The lack of human activity during lockdown caused human-linked vibrations in the Earth to drop by an average of 50 percent between March and May ...
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      Secrets Behind 'Game of Thrones' Unveiled by Data Science and Network Theory

      What are the secrets behind one of the most successful fantasy series of all time? How has a story as complex as 'Game of Thrones' enthralled the world and how does it compare to other ...

      Customers Prefer Partitions Over Mannequins in Socially-Distanced Dining Rooms

      Restaurants have had to get creative to enforce social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, including utilizing mannequins. Others were more conservative and opted to place plastic or ...

      Donors More Likely to Give to COVID Causes When Font Matches Message

      Appeals seeking donations to help fight hunger during the COVID-19 pandemic were more successful when the typeface in which the appeal was written mirrored the tone of the donation request, a new ...

      Higher Narcissism May Be Linked With More Political Participation

      A politically engaged electorate is key to any thriving democracy, but not everyone participates in elections and other political activities. New research found that people who are narcissistic may ...

      When Bots Do the Negotiating, Humans More Likely to Engage in Deceptive Techniques

      Researchers found that whether humans would embrace a range of deceptive and sneaky negotiating techniques was dependent both on the humans' prior negotiating experience in negotiating as well ...

      Atheists Are More Likely to Sleep Better Than Catholics and Baptists, Study Finds

      A new study of sleep, religious affiliation, and perceptions of heaven found that atheists and agnostics are significantly more likely to be better sleepers than Catholics and ...

      When Will Scientists Learn to Use Fewer Acronyms?

      Researchers have analyzed 24 million scientific article titles and 18 million abstracts between 1950 and 2019, looking for trends in acronym use. Despite repeated calls for scientists to reduce their ...

      Engaging Undergrads Remotely With an Escape Room Game

      Researchers describe an alternative way to engage students: a virtual game, modeled on an escape room, in which teams solve chemistry problems to progress and ...

      What Violin Synchronization Can Teach Us About Better Networking in Complex Times

      A new study suggests by using a model of violin synchronization in a network of violin players, there are ways to drown out distractions and miscommunications that could be used as a model for human ...

      Evolutionary Theory of Economic Decisions

      When survival over generations is the end game, researchers say it makes sense to undervalue long shots that could be profitable and overestimate the likelihood of rare bad ...

      Distorted Passage of Time During the COVID-19 Lockdown

      A survey conducted in the U.K. suggests that social and physical distancing measures put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic significantly impacted people's perception of how quickly time ...

      Researchers Foresee Linguistic Issues During Space Travel

      Interstellar space travelers arriving on another planet could face problems communicating with previous and subsequent arrivals, their spoken language having changed in isolation along the ...

      Quantum Physics Provides a Way to Hide Ignorance

      Students can hide their ignorance and answer questions correctly in an exam without their lack of knowledge being detected by teachers -- but only in the quantum ...

      What Can Maritime Shipping Learn from Brain Network Science?

      Researchers show how network science computational theories used for brain analysis can help us to understand global shipping networks and their impact on the world ...

      For University Classrooms, Are Telepresence Robots the Next Best Thing to Being There?

      Telepresence robots help university students learning remotely to feel more a part of the class, new research ...

      Acute Stress May Slow Down the Spread of Fears

      Psychologists find that we are less likely to amplify fears in social exchange if we are ...

      Anxious About Public Speaking? Your Smart Speaker Could Help

      Researchers have developed a public-speaking tutor on the Amazon Alexa platform. The tutor enables users to engage in cognitive restructuring exercise -- a psychological technique that helps anxious ...

      The Physics That Drives Periodic Economic Downturns

      A professor says that the way spilled milk spreads across the floor can explain why economic downturns regularly occur. Because the economic prosperity derived from new ideas or inventions follows ...

      Maggot Analysis Goes Molecular for Forensic Cases

      Maggots on a dead body or wound can help pinpoint when a person or animal died, or when maltreatment began in elder, child care or animal neglect cases. However, the current process for making this ...

      Loners Help Society Survive

      When most of a community is rushing in one direction, the few who hang back may serve to protect the whole population from something catastrophic attacking the group, says a team of ...

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